Daniela Peluso

Selected Publications




Alexiades M. and D. M. Peluso. 2009. ‘Plants of the ancestors, plants of the outsiders’: Migration, social change and ethnobotanical knowledge among the Amazonian Ese Eja, Bolivia and Peru. Mobility and Migration in Indigenous Amazonia: Contemporary Ethnoecological Perspectives, ed. Miguel N. Alexiades. London: Berghan Press. (Download pdf from http://www.kent.ac.uk/sac/department/staff/danielaP.html)

Peluso, D.M. 2006. For 'export only': Ayahuasca tourism and hyper-traditionalism. IASTE 2006 Working Paper Series (Hypter-traditions and 'real' places).


------- and Alexiades M.N.  2005. Indigenous Urbanization and Amazonia’s Post-Traditional Environmental Economy.  Traditional Settlements and Dwelling Review.  Volume 16 (11): 7-16. 


------- and others. 2005. Ejjahuejjaquijji ebiojonequi semeño Ese  Ejjaja: Para Conocer nuestras remedios del monte. Peru: FENAMAD.


------- and Alexiades, M.N. 2002. Prior Informed Consent: the politics of cross cultural exchange. In: S. A. Laird, ed. Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge: Equitable Partnerships in Practice. London: Earthscan. (Download pdf from http://www.kent.ac.uk/sac/department/staff/danielaP.html)