Participatory video and grassroots indigenous mobilisation in Madre de Dios, Peru


Between 2008-2010, and support from The Christensen Foundation, PPI assisted COINBAMAD, FENAMAD’s indigenous council of the lower region of Madre de Dios, build its capacity for the production of locally-produced video materials. COINBAMAD’s Communications Program (Programa de Comunicación) draws on the expertise of three indigenous video technicians with differing levels of training and expertise in the use of video recording and editing equipment. COINBAMAD’s program works closely with indigenous human rights and environmental indigenous activist and 2007 Goldman Prize winner Julio Cusurichi, who since 2007 directs and hosts a weekly local TV news show focusing on indigenous, social and environmental issues. The link with Julio Cusurichi and with the TV program ‘Voz de América’ provides a powerful platform through which indigenous leaders can communicate with their constituents and with a wider audience, as well as with local, regional and national policy-makers.