Training indigenous students for forest management and land-use zoning in Veracruz


Sede Grandes Montañas, Universidad Veracruzana Intercultural, Tequila, Veracruz (photo: M.Alexiades)Working with the intercultural university of Veracruz (UVI, Universidad Veracruzana Intercultural) and MIMOSZ (MIMOSZ, Manejo Integral de Montes de la Sierra de Zongolica), we are improving and broadening the scope and reach of the training programs within the UVI's campus in the tropical mountains of Zongolica, Veracruz. We have been involved in the design and implementation of several courses and peer-to-peer learning exchanges on forest management and on intercultural territorial management.  Download the report of the 2011 course on intercultural land-use management here. Watch a video of a 2012 meeting on territoriality and interculturality that brought together students from Veracruz (UVI) and Guerrero (UNISUR) here.



Intercultural land-use zoning course, UVI (Photo: R. Hidalgo)(Photo: M.Alexiades)





In addition to training a new cohort of indigenous professionals, technicians and foresters with a broad range of useful practical skills and tools these courses also:

- provide an effective mechanism through which to design teaching materials and curricula that can be used elsewhere.

- allow the team to hand-pick a highly promising group of young students that can be subsequently mentored and directly connected to real-life community management processes and problems as part of their advanced training.

- are specifically designed to allow indigenous peoples and owners and managers of community forests and lands to successfully navigate through the State-imposed technical, legal and bureaucratic aspects of community-based resource management and conservation.


Participatory Mapping, Zincalco (Photo:M.Alexiades)Video editing, UVI (Photo:M.Alexiades)