Social and territorial revitalisation among highschool students, Pahuatlán, Puebla, Mexico



Students from Xolotl high school learning basic field GIS and mapping skills (Photo: M. Torres)Since 2012 Adolfo Rebolledo, Miguel Torres and Citlalli López have been working with the students and teachers of the Xolotl highschool, Pahuatlán, Puebla, in order to integrate an intercultural element into the educational program, in ways that revitalise and support the ability of students to subsequently engage with the problems in their community by drawing on their endogenous knowledges, skills and practices.   One important aspect of the project has centred around the use of GIS and participatory mapping. Students have also been extensively involved interviewing elders, documenting different aspects relating to traditional knowledge and customary practices, particularly around growing and eating food. The project is strongly focussed around the principles of peer-to-peer learning, both in real-time, during meetings and workshops with community members, other students from Central Mexico and different producer organisations, and virtually, through the use of participatory video. 



 Activities and outputs


2015. Conociendo el territorio. Aprendizajes e intercambios entre jóvenes nahuas de la Sierra Norte de Puebla. Shot and edited jointly with Nahua students, this 3-part DVD summarises much of the work carried out by students from Xolotl Highschool over the past 3 years. Watch parts 12, and 3 here.




2013. Poster presented at the Segundo Festival del Buen Vivir-Encuentro Intercultural en las Grandes Montañas y Primer Coloquio de Etnobiología, summarising the approach and work carried out between 2010-2013 with students from the Xolotl Highschool on landscape, territoriality and land-use zoning. Download the poster here.

2013. First International Congress of Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, Oaxaca, MexicoAdolfo Rebolledo and Citlalli López participated in the session on intercultural education, presenting a summary of their work with highschool students in Xolotl, Puebla, in which students have been actively involved in a community-based land-use zoning process. Download the presentation here.




2013. Exchange between coffee producers from the communities of Xolotla and Cuetzalan Sierra Norte de Puebla (Unión de Cooperativas Tosepan Titaniske, Puebla), and organic coffee producers from Zincalco Sierra de Zongolica (Veracruz), as part of an event organized by the highschool students from Xolotl, Pahuatlán, March 19, 2013. Watch the student-produced video here.



2012. Exchange between highschool students from Xolotla (Puebla) and the Universidad Veracruzana Indígena (Veracruz) and their meeting with organic coffee producers and their organization in Zincalco Veracruz. Watch the student-produced video here 

 2012. Cafetales bajo sombra (DVD). Made by students from the Xolotla highschool (Pahuatlán, Puebla), this video documents and reflect on the social, cultural, economic, and ecological importance of shade-grown coffee forest groves (cafetales). Watch this student photo essay on the process of researching and making the video and this videotaped interview of a coffee processor in Pahuatlán.