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PPI's working papers, produced from 1992-2004, are a series of 13 case studies on significant themes in applied ethnobotany. Most titles are accessible below in PDF format.

1. African medicinal plants: setting priorities in the interface between conservation and primary health care. A. B. Cunningham, 1993. Download PDF English or PDF Español

2. Sustainability of harvesting Prunus africana bark in Cameroon: a medicinal plant in international trade. A. B. Cunningham and F. T. Mbenkum, 1993. Download PDF English

3. Local representations and management of agroforests on the periphery of Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia. Y. Aumeeruddy, 1994. Download PDF English or PDF Français or PDF Español

4. People, park and plant use: recommendations for multiple-use zones and development alternatives around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. A. B. Cunningham, 1996. Download PDF English or PDF Français

5. Conservation through community use of plant resources: establishing collaborative management at Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks, Uganda. R. G. Wild and J. Mutebi, 1996. Download PDF English or PDF Français

6. Quantitative ethnobotany: applications of multivariate and statistical analyses in ethnobotany. M. Höft, S.K.. Barik and A. M. Lykke, 1999. Download PDF English

7. Joint management in the making: reflections and experiences. Y. Aumeeruddy-Thomas, S. Saigal, N. Kapoor and A. B. Cunningham, 1999. Download PDF English

8. Ethnobotany of the Loita Maasai: towards community management of the Forest of the Lost Child - experiences from the Loita ethnobotany project. P. Maundu, D.J. Berger, C. ole Saitabau, J. Nasieku, M. Kipelian, S.G. Mathenge, Y. Morimoto and R. Höft, 2001. Download PDF English

9. Projek Etnobotani Kinabalu: the making of a Dusun ethnoflora (Sabah, Malaysia). G. Martin, A. Lee Agama, J.H. Beaman and J. Nais, 2002. Download PDF English

10. An economic evaluation of medicinal tree cultivation: Prunus africana in Cameroon. A. B. Cunningham, E. Ayuk, S. Franzel, B. Duguma and C. Asanga, 2002. Download PDF English

11. The purposes and teaching of Applied Ethnobotany. A. Hamilton, Pei Shengji, J. Kessy, A. A. Khan, S. Lagos-Witte and Z. K. Shinwari, 2003. Download PDF English

12. Applied Ethnobotany: case-studies from the Himalayan region. Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas and Pei Shengji, 2003. Download PDF English

13. Ethnobotany and the management of fodder and fuelwood at Ayubia National Park, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan. Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Zabta K. Shinwari, Adullah Ayaz and Ashiq Ahmad Khan, 2004. Download PDF English

People and Plants Handbooks

The People and Plants Handbook series started in 1996 to provide an accessible information source on ethnobotany, conservation and development, and to enable ethnobotanists and others in developing countries to be in touch with one another and with a wider global network.

1. Keeping in touch: journals, networks, newsletters, organizations and professional societies. Gary J. Martin and Alison L. Hoare, editors, January 1996. (not available)

2. Protecting rights: legal and ethical implications of ethnobiology. Gary J. Martin, Alison L. Hoare and Darrell A. Posey, editors, July 1996. (not available)

3. Returning results: community and environmental education. Gary J. Martin and Alison L. Hoare, editors, March 1997. (not available)

4. Measuring diversity: methods of assessing biological resources and local knowledge. Gary J. Martin, Alison L. Hoare and Agnes Lee Agama, editors, December 1998. (not available)

5. Cultivating the forest: development of agroforestry systems. Gary J. Martin, Alison L. Hoare and Roger Leakey, editors, 1999. (not available)

6. Managing Resources: community-based conservation. Gary J. Martin, Agnes Lee Agama and Anthony B. Cunningham, editors, May 2001. Download PDF English PDF Español

7. Growing Diversity: people and plant genetic resources. Gary J. Martin, Sasha Barrow and Pablo Eyzaguirre, editors, September 2001. Download PDF English PDF Español

8. News from People and Plants. Martin Walters, editor, August 2002. Download PDF English

9. The People and Plants Legacy. Alan Hamilton and Martin Walters, editors, December 2004. Download PDF English


PPI Literature Reviews

In addition, this section contains two invaluable reviews of African ethnobotany, available in English and French, that formed the information base for the African Ethnobotany Network (AEN).

The African Ethnobotany Network, Bulletin no. 1, November 1997. Download PDF English/French
Includes a review of ethnobotanical literature for Eastern and Southern Africa.

The African Ethnobotany Network, Bulletin no. 2, August 2000. Download PDF English/French
Includes a review of ethnobotanical literature for Central and West Africa.



Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Y. and Y.C. Lama 2008. Tibetan medicine and biodiversity management in Dolpo, Nepal: negotiating local and global worldviews, knowledges and practices. Pages 160-185 in: L. Pordié (ed). Tibetan Medicine in the Contemporary World: Global Politics of Medical Knowledge and Practice. London and New York: Routledge. PDF English.


Ghimire, S.K. et al. 2004. Heterogeneity in ethnoecological knowledge and management of medicinal plants in the Himalayas of Nepal: implications for conservation. Ecology and Society 9(3):6. PDF English.


Hamilton, A. 2010. Applied ethnobotany and the People and Plants Initiative. Proceedings of the 5th National Symposium on Ethnobotany and the Asia-Pacific Forum on ethnobotany. PDF English.