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Scientific Publications

Yang, L; Ahmed, S. et al. 2014. Comparative Homegarden Medical Ethnobotany of Naxi Healers and Farmers in the Highlands of Northwestern Yunnan, China. Journal of Ethnobotany and Ethnomedicine

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Ahmed, S. et al. 2010. Pu-erh Tea Tasting in Yunnan, China: Correlation of Drinkers’ Perceptions to Phytochemistry. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 132: 176-185. Download PDF.

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Ahmed, Selena; Freeman, Michael. 2011. Pu-erh Tea and the Southwest Silk Road: An Ancient Quest for Wellbeing. Herbal Gram; Summer 2011: 90 (Cover Story) Download PDF.

Ahmed, Selena; Blumberg, Jeff. 2011. Eggs and Evidence-Based Nutrition in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. Nutrition Close-Up Newsletter; Winter/Spring 2011

Ahmed, Selena. 2008. A Cup of Diversity: Learning from the Farmers of Forest Tea-Gardens. Resurgence. 250, Indigenous Intelligence Issue for the 2008 World Conservation Congress