PPI Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee members have either served previously as Steering Committee Members or have a long history of involvement with PPI. They provide important and timely guidance to the Steering Committee and have different degress of direct involvement with current PPI projects.


Alan Hamilton (UK) is a botanist with an academic specialization in the environmental history of East Africa and nearly 30 years experience working in global plant conservation.  Plant Conservation Officer for WWF International (1989-2004) and Manager of the Conservation and Livelihoods Programme of Plantlife International (2005-2008), he is one of the founders of the People and Plants Initiative (1992-2004), a partnership between WWF, UNESCO and the Royal Botanic Gardens. His current interests are in developing an ecosystem-based approach to plant conservation, helping his town (Godalming, Surrey) adapt to anticipated climate change, and applying ethnobotany to conservation and sustainable development in Uganda and China. For a list of Alan's publications click here


For the last two decades, Daniela Peluso (UK), has worked in lowland South America, mostly with the Ese Eja communities in the Peruvian and Bolivian Amazon, in close collaboration with native federations in various local efforts focusing on community development, gender relations, video training, social organization, ethnogenesis and indigenous urbanization.  As a long-time associate of PPI, working in numerous initiatives relating to the Knowledge Exchange and Cultural Landscapes and Resource Rights programs, her work ultimately addresses broader indigenous issues of health, territory and sovereignty.  Daniela received her Ph.D. from Columbia University and is a Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Kent.  For a list of her recent publications, click here.


Chuck Peters (USA) is a forester and plant ecologist who studies the ecology, use, and management of tropical forest resources.  He has been investigating ways to improve the management of tropical forests for over 25 years. Most of this research is done in close collaboration with local community groups. He has conducted long-term field research in the Peruvian Amazon, Papua New Guinea, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, and Veracruz, Mexico, and has directed community forestry projects in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Uganda, and Cameroon. Chuck’s is currently working on community forestry with the Kachin of northern Myanmar and developing management plans for rattan in six protected areas of Central Vietnam. For a selected list of Chuck's publications click here.




Silvia Purata (Mexico) is a tropical ecologist who works supporting communities to manage their forest resources sustainably in order to conserve Mexico’s rich cultural and biological diversity. She has written several resource use manuals for communities and forest technician and has been actively involved in PPIs Conservation and Managed Habitats Program. Together with Chuck Peters and other colleagues she helped a community develop a management plan to sustainably manage the wood used to carve the famous “alebrijes” from Oaxaca. She also worked in the ejido (local community) Veinte de Noviembre,  a forest community in Campeche and in the cloud forests surrounding Xalapa, Veracruz, helping to diversify  income from forests by developing activities such as wood handicrafts, and native bee honey production. She is currently helping communities to develop sustainable forest practices and monitoring systems in several areas of Mexico.